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Murray Hall Images

Our Faculty Members

Bai, Wubin

Assistant Professor
Kenan Laboratories A700

Research Interest:
Bioelectronics, Soft Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Microsystems, Electronic Materials, Photonic Materials, and Biomaterials.

Coronell, Orlando

‏‏‎ ‎
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Research Interest:
Wet Chemistry, Polymer Synthesis, Nanoscale Materials, Membrane Systems

Dingemans, Theo

Chair of the Department of Applied Physical Sciences
Murray Hall 1111

Research Interest:
Design and Synthesis of High Molecular Weight All-Aromatic Polymers

Forest, Greg M.

Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Phillips Hall 316A

Research Interest:
Mathematics of, and Translational Applications to, Multiple Applied Science Challenges

Freeman, Ronit

Associate Professor
Caudill Laboratories 159

Research Interest:
Biomaterials and Self-Assembly

Goldberg, Richard

Teaching Associate Professor
Caudill Laboratories 156
(919) 966-5768

Research Interest:
Assistive Technology, Rehabilitation Engineering, Thorp Faculty Engaged Professor

Griffith, Boyce

‏‏‎ ‎
Department of Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering

Research Interest:
Cardiovascular Modeling and Simulation

Huang, Jinsong

Louis D. Rubin Jr. Distinguished Professor
Murray Hall 1115

Research Interest:
Perovskite Solar Cells, Photodetectors, X-ray Imaging, Radiation Detectors, Electronic Devices

Klotsa, Daphne

Associate Professor
Murray Hall 1114

Research Interest:
Soft Matter, Computer Simulations, Self-Assembly, Packing, Active Matter, Granular Materials

Lopez, René

Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
Chapman Hall 343

Research Interest:
Electromagnetic Radiation and Nanostructured Materials

Lu, Jianping

‏‏‎ ‎
Department of Physics

Research Interest:
Condensed matter theory, Nanotechnology, Carbon nanotube x-rays, Tomosynthesis and Computed Tomography

Meyer, Gerald

Murray Hall 2202B

Research Interest:
Inorganic Materials, Spectroscopy, and Electrochemistry

Meyer, Thomas J.

Arey Distinguished Professor
Murray Hall 2202F

Research Interest:
Solar Energy Conversion & Artificial Photosynthesis

Miller, Cass T.

‏‏‎ ‎
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Research Interest:
Environmental Physics, Soft Matter, Continuum Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Science

Mitran, Sorin

Professor of Mathematics
Chapman Hall 451

Research Interest:
Computational Descriptions of Natural Phenomena, with a Particular Focus on Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling

Nazockdast, Ehssan

Assistant Professor
Murray Hall 1115
919-962-6454 ext 5097

Research Interest:
Physics of Soft and Living Materials, Fluid Dynamics, Computational Physics

Pankow, Mark

‏‏‎ ‎
NCSU - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Interest:
Composite materials and materials subjected to high rates of loading, including blast and ballistic performance

Pégard, Nicolas

Assistant Professor
Caudill Laboratories 154

Research Interest:
Computational optics, imaging systems, optical instrumentation and digital interfaces for systems biology and neuroscience

Ramsey, J. Michael

Minnie N. Goldby Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Chapman Hall 251

Research Interest:
Microfabricated Chemical Instrumentation, Microfluidics, Nanofluidics

Samulski, Edward

Professor Emeritus
Caudill Laboratories 161

Research Interest:
Elastic networks and sheared polymer melts, “RheoNMR,” and the discovery of a biaxial nematic, a phase with implications for fabricating ultra-high strength polymers

Superfine, Richard

Taylor-Williams Distinguished Professor
Murray Hall 1113

Research Interest:
Stimulus-Responsive Active and Living Materials

Walters, Glenn

Professor of the Practice
Caudill Laboratories 158
(919) 966-3531

Research Interest:

Warren, Scott

‏‏‎ ‎
Department of Chemistry

Research Interest:
2D Materials, Energy Storage, Solar Energy, Nanoelectronics

You, Wei

Kenan Laboratories C540

Research Interest:
Organic/Polymer Synthesis, Solar Cells, Molecular Electronics/Spintronics