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The Entrepreneurially Minded Engineering Resource Group for Educators (EMERGE) is a community of faculty and staff who are starting or have recently started new engineering programs, departments, and colleges. If you are interested in joining, contact us at


Through workshops, dialogue, stories and collegial gatherings, the EMERGE is intended to:

  • Forge community between faculty from new and emerging engineering programs who hope to learn from and with each other.
  • Create opportunities to share and reflect on your program’s mission and values, and explore strategies to align the mission and values with your program’s implementation and culture.
  • Help participants explore and apply tools and resources to support a culture of innovation, integration, and development of an entrepreneurial mindset in students.

Who should join?

EMERGE is designed for institutional teams of at least two people who are working together on the development of your engineering program. These teams can be comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators from your institution. However, if only one person from your institution can participate, this will still be a useful experience for your program.

Programs EMERGE offers:


For more information about the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering education, visit

The EMERGE program is supported by funding from the Kern Family Foundation.

For any further questions, contact