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Fun Experiments in a Friend’s Garage Fueled a Fascination with Materials Engineering


When Kohen Goble was in high school, he and his buddies would meet in a friend’s garage and conduct experiments on a variety of things, including capsaicin, a molecule found in chili peppers and responsible for the fiery sensation you get when you eat spicy foods. Their tools were rudimentary—glassware, fresh chili peppers, some ethanol—but their enthusiasm rivaled that of scientists on the verge of a big discovery.

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How a Pinball Project and a Lesson in Engineering Design Made Lucy Ren’s Education Click


Lucy Ren was drawn to UNC-Chapel Hill for the computer science program’s stellar reputation, but one course in her minor in applied sciences and engineering—Introduction to Design and Making: Developing Your Personal Design Potential (APPL 110)—made her entire educational experience fit together.

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Through the APSE Minor, a Nature Enthusiast Molds an Environmental Engineering Career


Anika Marie Jibben has always felt at home in the outdoors, finding any excuse to ensconce herself among the flora in the Piedmont of North Carolina or the wilds of Montana, but it was within the confines of UNC’s BeAM makerspaces where she began molding a career in environmental engineering.

Her favorite course was “Introduction to Design & Making: Developing Your Personal Design Potential” (APPL 110), because it not only taught her the process of design but that it was okay to fail in that process.

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Lessons learned: identifying solutions for success through the APSE minor and BeAM


As a math major, Hannah Cruz ‘23 is no stranger to solving problems and yet she has gained a new perspective on collaboration and taking risks through her minors in applied sciences and engineering (APSE) and entrepreneurship through the UNC Shuford Program. Cruz has always loved math. In classes like MATH528 she learned about game theory and probability, concepts that overlap with scientific applications. “The APSE and Shuford minors pushed me to think outside of the classroom,” Cruz shares. “I realized I could apply math formulas and theories to real world problems.”

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Embracing a global engineering mindset


Charlotte Dorn has big plans that will take her to the opposite side of the world after graduating this spring. A recipient of the Morehead-Cain scholarship, among the most prestigious merit scholarships in the country, Charlotte is earning a degree in computer science and a minor in applied sciences and engineering (APSE) through the department of applied physical sciences.

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Engineering a bright future with a minor in applied sciences and engineering


Jake Otte has been building the skills he needs to launch his career as an electrical engineer throughout his time at UNC-Chapel Hill. When he graduates in May, he will be ready. Jake will use skills he has gained through courses in the applied sciences and engineering (APSE) minor offered by the department of applied physical sciences as he continues his work as an electrical engineer at Kiewit.

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Building a toolbox for success with the APSE minor and BeAM


Cy Pair is always looking for an opportunity to design, build, and create.
Equipped with a minor in applied sciences and engineering (APSE) experience as a staff member at BeAM and as a teaching assistant (TA) in APPL110 Introduction to Design and Making, Pair is ready to embark on his professional journey as he nears graduation.

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