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UNC KEEN Faculty Learning Community

Implementing Entrepreneurial Minded Learning into your Courses

The goal of this FLC is to support faculty to integrate entrepreneurial minded learning (EML) into their courses. These techniques focus around the 3C’s: Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value. The FLC is designed to share tools and strategies into faculty’s existing teaching to help support students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

By the end of the FLC, faculty participants will be able to…

  • Apply EML techniques into their courses.

  • Design an activity or module integrating entrepreneurial-minded learning.

  • Create an activity or module for their courses with the creation of a KEEN Card.

The FLC consists of a group of faculty from STEM disciplines. Facilitators guide the FLC members through the design of the activity/module including learning objectives, assessment, and resources. The program meets seven times throughout the year. In each meeting, FLC members learn about EML pedagogies, practices, and strategies to teach and assess students’ learning. UNC experts related to making, assessment, and character are also sharing their insight and implementation of EML.

“I’ve looked for ways to bring my industrial product development experience into the classroom and this hasn’t always met with success. However, the KEEN FLC has given me a new framework in which to maneuver. The KEEN pedagogy on entrepreneurial mindset, along with its emphasis on curiosity, connections, and creating value, provides me with an inventive new process to achieve my primary course goal – fostering the skillsets my students must have to excel in a modern, forward-thinking, and collaborative workforce.”
Dr. Stefan Jeglinski, Physics & Astronomy faculty member

KEEN FLC Members

Dr. Wubin Bai, Assistant Professor, Applied Physical Sciences
Dr. Mara Evans, STEM Teaching Associate Professor, Biology
Dr. Brian Hogan, Teaching Professor, Chemistry
Dr. Kris Jordan, Teaching Associate Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Daphne Klotsa, Assistant Professor, Applied Physical Sciences
Dr. Xiao-Ming Liu, Associate Professor, Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Katie Newhall, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Rachel Penton, Teaching Associate Professor, Neuroscience

Dr. Duane Deardorff, Director of Undergraduate Laboratories, Physics
Dr. Brian Taylor, Assistant Professor Biology
Dr. Zijie Yan, Assistant Professor, APS
Dr. Jeff Terrell, Professor of the Practice, Computer Science Department
Dr. Ehssan Nazockdast, Assistant Professor, APS

Dr. Jeffrey Dick, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Dr. Theo Dingemans, Professor, Applied Physical Sciences
Dr. Stefan Jeglinski, Teaching Associate Professor, Physics
Dr. Laura Miller, Previous Professor, Biology and Mathematics
Dr. Nicolas Pégard, Assistant Professor, Applied Physical Sciences
Dr. Glenn Walters, Professor of the Practice, Applied Physical Sciences
Dr. Jennifer Weinberg-Wolf, Teaching Assistant Professor, Physics