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Micromoment Activities 
Students’ entrepreneurial mindset can be developed over time with repeated exposure to activities fostering the 3C’s (curiosity, connections, and creating value). However, it can be difficult for busy faculty to take the time to plan and implement EML-based activities. To support faculty, we are creating a physical EML Micromoment Card Deck of activities that incorporate the 3C’s, adapt to any course, and are completed in 2-30 minutes of class time. We are looking for participants to pilot our EML-based micromoment activities that will help to increase students’ exposure to EML and provide an easily accessible tool for faculty.

We are looking for participants for the Micromoment Activity Research Pilot!

To participate, you are to:

  1. Review the Micromoment Activity List and associated activities. Identify activities of interest to you. 
  2. Select one activity in which you wish to implement and complete the “Participation in Micromoment Activity Research Pilot” form.
  3. Implement your Micromoment Activity by May 1, 2022.
  4. When the activity is implemented, complete the post-survey associated with the Micromoment Activity within one week of implementation.

You can also read here for further details. The survey is part of a research study. Involvement in this pilot should require no more than 60 minutes. Implementation must be completed by May 1, 2022. 

Please contact UNC KEEN Program Coordinator Megan Morin at for further questions.

Micromoment Activity Ideas and Suggestions

Have you tried an activity and have feedback? Do you have an idea for a micromoment activity? Share your idea in this form. This is an ongoing project.

Want to hear more about the project?