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Entrepreneurial Mindset: KEEN @ UNC

Students in our engineering classes develop an entrepreneurial mindset through real-world problem solving and authentic learning experiences. Engineers equipped with the entrepreneurial mindset are better prepared for their careers because they understand the bigger picture, recognize opportunities, evaluate markets, and learn from mistakes to create value for themselves and others.

UNC Chapel Hill is a partner in KEEN, a network of more than 60 institutions who have committed to promoting an entrepreneurial mindset in their engineering students. The KEEN framework fosters this mindset through curiosity, connections, and creating value.

Our partnership with KEEN enhances our ability to:

  • Support faculty incorporating entrepreneurial minded learning with programs like the faculty learning community.
  • Create opportunities for students to develop a broader perspective when tackling challenges.
  • Foster relationships with other engineering institutions with similar philosophies of teaching.
  • Create a culture of innovation, opportunity, and value.