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Assessment of Entrepreneurial Mindset

In collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA), APS has assembled an assessment team to evaluate course and program development based on both existing literature and local program context.

APS faculty develop their new EML-based courses and adapt assessments to use in their courses and evaluated at the program level. APS faculty work collaboratively with our assessment team. We continuously refine all courses and programs based on assessment outcomes. APS explores opportunities for collaboration with KEEN institutions to share project curriculum and assessment outcomes and seeks out KEEN institutions that have an interest in sharing best practices regarding their assessment of KEEN initiatives. We have developed tools to measure student entrepreneurial mindset in the new APS courses and the influence of EM faculty development programs.

UNC KEEN Assessment Team

  • Bryant Hutson, Director of Assessment within OIRA,
  • Kelly Hogan, STEM Teaching Professor/Associate Dean of Instructional Innovation
  • Viji Sathy, Teaching Professor/Program Evaluator/Special Projects Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • Abigail Panter, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education


Known as the Cooperative eMerging Partnership for Assessment Support and Success of the 3Cs (KEEN COMPASS), this project seeks to further cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset in students through enhanced teaching, which will be informed by improved assessment practices. The impact of KEEN COMPASS will be felt by the Engineering Unleashed community – a growing community of more than 3,500 engineering faculty and staff from more than 340 colleges and universities, who have a shared mission to graduate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset. KEEN COMPASS will move this Engineering Unleashed community forward in its assessment practices in several long-term, sustainable ways.

PI Dr. Viji Sathy and the UNC team will work with faculty and staff at the University of Portland, the University of Washington Tacoma and other KEEN partner institutions, including the Ohio State University and Western New England University.

COMPASS Collaborators

PI: Dr. Viji Sathy

Associate Dean for Evaluation and Assessment for the College of Arts & Sciences, Director of the Townsend Program for Education Research, Director of the Academic Leadership Program at the Institute for Arts & Humanities, Professor of the Practice in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. 

Dr. Abigail Panter

Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Professor of Psychology in the L. L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory

Dr. Bryant Hutson

Director of Assessment

Dr. Kelly Hogan

Associate Dean of Instructional Innovation, QEP Director, Teaching Professor in the Biology Department

Dr. Nicole Ralston, University of Portland

Associate Professor in the School of Education

Dr. Heather Dillon, University of Washington Tacoma

Associate Dean Academic Affairs and Inclusion, Professor & Program Chair for Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Deb Grzybowski, The Ohio State University

Professor of Practice in the Department of Engineering Education, Asst. Dean of Teaching & Learning in the College of Engineering

Dr. Mike Rust, Western New England University

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Professor and Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Program