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Minor in Applied Sciences and Engineering

Learn practical engineering applications.
For practically any possibility you can imagine.

What will I learn in the minor?

Are you interested in using technology to make a difference in the world? From big problems like global warming to focused needs in your home or community, engineering is all about solving problems. The Applied Sciences and Engineering (APSE) minor trains students with an engineering and entrepreneurial mindset. You will build on the foundation from your math and science courses, and engage in hands-on engineering applications of real-world challenges. View course requirements.

Join the minor to learn about materials sciences, optics, fluid mechanics, sensors, and more.   

  • Model and simulate systems using modern engineering tools and software 
  • Design and build systems for real-world applications using engineering tools in the BeAM makerspace and across campus 
  • Use fundamental principles in math and sciences to address applications in at least one area of engineering, such as material science, environmental engineering, instrumentation, or optics 
  • Communicate to a wide range of audiences in both oral and written form 
  • Understand the ethical and professional responsibilities of engineers 
  • Work within teams to design solutions and solve problems 

What is entrepreneurial mindset and why is it important?

A successful engineer needs a strong background in technical skills and also an entrepreneurial mindset to apply those skills to address real-world challenges. The use of the word “entrepreneurial” can be misleading. This is not just for people interested in starting new business opportunities. An entrepreneurial mindset will help you to succeed in any type of workplace.

Engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset demonstrate curiosity about the world around them, make connections to integrate knowledge from a variety of fields, and identify unexpected opportunities to create value. This is a foundational attitude for success within and beyond Carolina. The courses and extracurricular opportunities in the APSE minor are designed help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset as you engage in a variety of interdisciplinary, interactive, and hands-on activities.

Why minor in APSE?

  • Learn skills for the workplace

Regardless of your specific career path after Carolina, employers and graduate schools are searching for many of the same capabilities: communication, collaboration, and adaptability. These translatable skills are highly desired across all sectors.  The hands-on, project-based learning you will experience in the APSE courses will help you build these skills and prepare you for success in a variety of educational and professional pursuits. 

  • Complement what you learn in your STEM home department

The APSE minor includes engineering topic electives taught in nine departments: Applied Physical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Marine Sciences, Mathematics, Psychology and Neurosciences, and Physics and Astronomy.  You will build on and reinforce the technical content from these courses by applying what you learn to real-world engineering challenges. 

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset as a life-long skill

To be successful in the jobs of today and tomorrow, you need more than technical skills.  You need the attitude and motivation to understand how to continually learn and create value in the world.  The courses in the APSE minor train you to create value by helping you learn to think and work like an entrepreneur. To develop this mindset, you’ll participate in  project-based learning and discover how to engage with technical content to make a tangible impact. 

Learn More about the Minor

View our slides from our recent minor information session and listen to the video recording here. Contact us and subscribe to our Listserv to stay in touch!

Declaring the Minor

To declare the APSE minor, you must schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Academic Advising office, or stop in during drop in hours. Your advisor will help you determine if it is feasible for you to complete the APSE minor within the eight-semester limit. Once you have decided, your advisor will help you to formally declare the minor.