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Zijie Yan

Associate Professor
Caudill Laboratories 159

Research Interest:
Optical Trapping and Manipulation, Holography, Microfluidics, Electronic and Photonics Nanomaterials


Professional Background

Huazhong University of Science and Technology - Dual B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Computer Science (2005); M.S. Physical Electronics (2007); Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Ph.D. Materials Engineering (2011); University of Chicago - Postdoc (2011-2015); Clarkson University - Assistant Professor (2015-2019)

Research Synopsis

Our research goal is to transcend the boundary between photonics and materials science by developing new techniques to control light-matter interactions at the nanometer scale. We are exploring advanced optical approaches to precisely manipulate nanoscopic objects and create artificial material assemblies with emergent properties. Our research topics include:

  • Optical trapping, binding and sorting
  • Synthesis and fabrication of nanostructures
  • Holographic laser beam shaping
  • Electrodynamics simulations
  • Nano-bio interactions
  • Optofluidics