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Boyce Griffith

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Department of Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering

Research Interest:
Cardiovascular Modeling and Simulation


Professional Background

PhD, Mathematics, New York University, 2005; BS, Computer Science, Rice University, 2000; BA, Computational and Applied Mathematics and in Mathematics, Rice University, 2000

Research Synopsis

Associate professor Boyce Griffith and his research group use methods of computational and applied mathematics, computer science, and bioengineering to develop physiological models of cardiac and cardiovascular function in health and disease. His group participates in interdisciplinary collaborations encompassing clinical, experimental, and theoretical research, and involving applied mathematicians, computational scientists, engineers, biologists, and clinicians. Broad goals of the group are to develop leading methods for biomedical simulation, and to apply these methods to important problems in medicine and biology, with the aim of advancing predictive simulation-based approaches to designing and optimizing cardiac and cardiovascular therapies and medical devices.