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Greg M.

Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Phillips Hall 316A

Research Interest:
Mathematics of, and Translational Applications to, Multiple Applied Science Challenges


Professional Background

University of New Orleans, B.S. in Mathematics, 1972 and M.S. in Mathematics, 1973; University of Arizona, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1979; Ohio State University, Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor from 1979-1996; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Professor of Mathematics, 1996-present; joint appointments in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Physical Sciences; Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished University Professor

Research Synopsis

The Forest Group focuses on the mathematics of, and translational applications to, multiple applied science challenges, such as lung biology and disease, virology and immunology, nanoparticle drug strategies for human cancer, chromosomal organization and dynamics in living cells, and mechano-chemical mechanisms of cell motility, We also delve into problems associated with the design and optimization of polymer nanocomposites with extreme properties, active soft matter, understanding the generic principles of soft matter, and encoding them into predictive modeling for feedback with experimental collaborators.

Collaborators – at UNC if not Otherwise Indicated

Mathematics spanning all applications:
David Adalsteinsson, Boyce Griffith, Sam Heroy, Caitlin Hult, Martin Lysy, Waterloo, Scott McKinley, Tulane, Peter Mucha, Jay Newby, Jeff Olander, Natesh Pillai, Harvard, Ian Seim, Bill Shi, Dane Taylor, Paula Vasquez, So. Carolina, Tim Wessler, Qi Wang, So. Carolina, Jia Zhao, Ruhai Zhou, Old Dominion.

UNC Marsico Lung Institute:
Ric Boucher, Scott Donaldson, Chuck Esther, Martina Gentzsch, David Hill, Marianne Muhlebach, Scott Randell, and many others, including these faculty’s research groups and international collaborators

Chromosomal Biology:
Kerry Bloom, Josh Lawrimore

Virology and Immunology:
Sam Lai and his research group

Cell Mechano-Chemistry:
Ken Jacobson, Maryna Kapustina

Nanoparticle Drugs for Cancer:
Leaf Huang, Lei Miao, Sam Lai, Carter Cao and their research groups

Polymer Nanocomposites:
Theo Dingemans, Daphne Klotsa

Active Soft Matter:
Qi Wang, So. Carolina, Ruhai Zhou, Old Dominion, Jia Zhao