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Cass T. Miller

‏‏‎ ‎Okun Distinguished Professor
Environmental Science and Engineering

Research Interest:
Environmental Physics, Soft Matter, Continuum Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Science


Professional Background

PhD, Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 1984; MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 1981; MS, Civil Engineering, University of Toledo, 1979; BS, Civil Engineering, University of Toledo, 1977

Research Synopsis

Dr. Miller’s research involves theoretical, computational and experimental aspects of transport phenomena in multi-scale, multiphase systems with special emphasis on porous medium systems. This broad area of inquiry supports advancing understanding for a range of important applications in natural, engineered, and biomedical systems. Natural systems applications include hydraulic fracturing, carbon sequestration, petroleum recovery, sediment transport, land-atmosphere interaction, and environmental remediation. Engineered systems applications include membrane and adsorption separation processes. Biomedical applications include tumor growth.

Dr. Miller and William G. Gray are developers of the thermodynamically constrained averaging theory for formulating mathematical models that are consistent across various length scales and which have application in a wide range of fields that can be described using continuum approaches for multiphase transport phenomena. Dr. Miller’s research group is actively involved in the development of numerical methods, and algorithms and methods to support high-performance computing, which they in turn apply for model closure, evaluation, verification, and validation. Dr. Miller’s experimental work is currently focused on non-Newtonian fluids, microfluidics, and surface chemistry.