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Admission to the Major

Based on the growing need for engineers in the labor market and high interest among Carolina students for this major, we anticipate demand for the bachelor’s degree in applied sciences to exceed capacity. In order to provide students with a high-quality educational experience, we will need to restrict the number of undergraduate students majoring in applied sciences. If you wish to pursue the major, you will need to submit an application to the Department of Applied Physical Sciences for admission. At this time, the major will only be available to students who plan to graduate in spring 2028 or later.

How to apply

Students will apply via a standard application that requests biographical information and an essay. The admissions committee will also seek academic records through the close of the semester, course data from required departmental courses, and any other information available on your contributions to the University community.
The application process will be managed through the University-administered Slate system. Students will request the application through Connect Carolina and will then be sent a link to the Slate application via email. The detailed steps to complete the application will be published well in advance of the first deadline.

When to apply

There will be two application deadlines:

Application Window Who can apply
November-December 2024 Students graduating in May 2028 or later
March-May 2025 Students graduating in May 2028 or later

Prerequisite/corequisite courses

First-year students will need to complete the following prerequisite or corequisite math and science courses during or before the semester that they apply for admission. These courses are similar to what students take for other STEM majors in the first year:

Course number Title
ENGL 105 English Composition and Rhetoric
MATH 231 Calculus of Functions of One Variable I.
PHYS 118 Introductory Calculus-based Mechanics and Relativity
CHEM 101/L General Descriptive Chemistry I and Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory I


As part of your application, you will submit an essay that responds to the following prompt:

In 300 words or less, please tell us why you are interested in the BS in Applied Sciences degree and the specific track (materials engineering or environmental engineering) that you have selected. Also, describe any experiences that have led you to choose this as your intended major. These could be experiences that took place before you arrived at UNC or during your time here.

Transfer Student Admissions

If you are applying to UNC as a transfer student, you cannot simultaneously apply to the BS in Applied Sciences major. If you are admitted to UNC, you must first enroll at the university. Then you may apply to the program after starting your first semester at UNC and completing the pre- and co-requisites. Admission to UNC does not guarantee admission to the applied sciences program.

Review committee

The Applied Sciences Undergraduate Program Admissions Committee will be chaired by an applied physical sciences faculty member. Members of the committee may include faculty, staff, and graduate students.


As the admissions committee reviews applications, it will consider the strength of the applicants’ coursework to date, alongside their essays, extracurricular activities/special talents, potential contributions to the applied sciences and engineering community, and any special circumstances. The goal will be to consider each applicant as a whole individual, not merely as a class rank or GPA, and assess their potential to contribute to the program and its mission.