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Mahsa Mofidi

Year Entered:



Tehran, Iran


Ehssan Nazockdast

Research Focus:

computational biophysics, Nano-scale Simulation, Molecular Dynamics

About Me:

Interested in knowing and experiencing the universe through science and technology. I am especially interested in computational models and mimicking Nature. The night sky fascinates me. I also enjoy playing and composing music on Guitar and some oriental musical instruments. I should not forget books, they are my beloved friends telling stories, ideas, biographies.

2012 - Amirkabir University of Technology - M.S. Chemical Engineering
2009 - Sharif University of Technology - B.S. Chemical Engineering

What Science Means to Me:

Science is the sharpest possible mean that humans possess to perceive the Universe and its countless mysteries. So it is tremendously charming and instructive.

My Scientific Hero:

Avicenna, Richard Feynman, Plato

My Future Plans: