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Connor Slamowitz

Year Entered:



Glen Allen, VA


Scott Warren

Research Focus:

2D Materials for Energy Storage and Nanoelectronics

About Me:

Hello! I am a 2020 Virginia Tech graduate with a degree in Nanoscience and a minor in International Business. I am exploring the field of materials science to foster a future of sustainability and innovation. I love learning new tools such as quantum computing, data science, analytical chemistry, and business strategy to help solve interesting and interdisciplinary problems. On my free time, I enjoy catching up on tech and science news, as well as playing volleyball, surfing, and jogging!

2020 - Virginia Tech - B.S. Nanoscience

What Science Means to Me:

Science is like a professor and we humans are like students who have too much to learn in too little time. We are often confused, impatient and naive, but Science can guide us and provide wise direction when we are lost. As Carl Sagan once said, "We are a way for the universe to know itself." Thus, Science, as any great professor would, disseminates her laws and theories to us, her students, so that we may determine through hard work how we fit into this great cosmic puzzle.

My Scientific Hero:

Alan Turing

My Future Plans: