Professor Daphne Klotsa

Klotsa, Daphne

Assistant Professor
Murray Hall 1114

Research Interest:
Soft Matter, Computer Simulations, Self-Assembly, Packing, Active Matter, Granular Materials


Professional Background

University of Warwick, BSc Honors, 2003; University of Warwick, MSc, 2004; University of Nottingham, Ph.D., 2009; University of Bath, 2009-2011; University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 2011-2014; Harvard, 2014; University of Cambridge, 2014-2015

Research Synopsis

Nature has perfected obtaining robust collective behavior and global order from simple local interactions. The challenge for us is to engineer similar systems at various scales that are composed of many agents, ranging from self-propelled nanoparticles in solution to cars in traffic, and to be able to control their emergent collective properties, their emergent "intelligence." Our group does computational research on active matter and related topics in order to bridge the gap between emergent phenomena, smart materials and robot swarming.


Elizabeth Chen
Michael Swift
Sharon Glotzer