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Flexible X-ray Detectors


The soft nature of metal halide perovskites makes them potentially applicable as flexible X-ray detectors. Here we report a structure of perovskite-filled membranes (PFMs) for highly sensitive, flexible and large-area X-ray detectors. PFMs with areas up to 400 cm2 are formed by infiltrating saturated perovskite solution through porous polymer membranes followed by hot lamination. The good connectivity and crystallization of perovskite crystals in the membranes enable a large mobility–lifetime product. The sensitivity of the X-ray detectors under a field of 0.05 V µm−1 reaches 8,696 ± 228 µC Gyair−1 cm−2 and shows no degradation after storage for over six months and exposure to a dose of 376.8 Gyair, equivalent to 1.88 million chest X-ray scans. The flexible PFMs can be bent at radii down to 2 mm without losing performance. The stand-alone detector array is curved and put inside metal pipes for the detection of material defects with imaging quality superior to flat-panel detectors.

September 28, 2020