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Graduate Coursework in Materials Science

Fall 2023 Course Listing

APPL710: Design and Making for the Researcher
3 Credits.
In this graduate-level course, we will learn about human-centered design, needs identification, and the iterative design and prototyping process. In addition, we will provide practical overviews on technical areas common to many research laboratories such as hardware selection, gas and liquid management, material compatibilities, electronics and data acquisition, etc. In addition to BeAM makerspace focused skills development activities, students will work on a personal project related to their work in the laboratory or research topic.

MTSC 710 — Materials Science First Year Seminar: Resources for Success in Your PhD Program
1 Credit.
This course is required for first year MTSC students. It is designed to expose students to APS research and key resources and skills outside of course work that they will need to be successful in the PhD program and beyond. Sessions will include research talks by APS faculty, workshops by invited speakers internal and external to UNC, and presentations by second year PhD students.

MTSC 718 — Seminar in Material Sciences and Engineering
1 Credit.
The Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering is a required 1-credit course for all Materials Science students in fall and spring semesters. The course tracks attendance at the required APS departmental seminars. Attending departmental seminars is an important component of training for MTSC doctoral students. Engaging in the seminars will help students gain a working knowledge of a variety of research areas important to their doctoral research.

MTSC 780 — Advanced Materials Science
3 Credits.

This course covers the physical fundamentals of material science with an in-depth discussion of structure formation in soft and hard materials and how structure determines material mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical properties. Topics include amorphous and crystal structures, defects, dislocation theory, thermodynamics and phase diagrams, diffusion, interfaces and microstructures, solidification, and theory of phase transformation. Special emphasis will be on the structure-property relationships of (bio)polymers, (nano)composites, and their structure property relationships