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Sean Washburn

Cary C Boshamer Professor
Chapman Hall 351

Research Interest:
Electrical and Mechanical Properties at the Scale of Nanometers and at Applications of Nanometer Objects in Medicine


Professional Background

PhD in physics, Duke University, 1982; BS, summa cum laude, in physics, Stetson University, 1976

Research Synopsis

Original research interests were in effects of degree of structural disorder on glassy behavior in single crystals of solid molecular hydrogen. Since 1982, research has been directed toward the study of quantum mechanical effects in the transport coefficients of condensed matter systems. Several topics have been investigated including macroscopic quantum tunneling in Josephson junctions, and quantum conductance effects including Aharonov-Bohm oscillations.

Since 1991 at UNC, additional research programs in intuitive computer interfaces for microscopies at nanometer-scales, surface manipulation of inorganic and organic samples, carbon nanotube mechanical and electromechanical devices have been established. At the moment the research is aimed at electrical and mechanical properties at the scale of nanometers and at applications of nanometer objects in medicine.