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Design for Multiple Materials: Adobe Illustrator Across the Makerspace

Carmichael Makerspace

In this workshop, you will create 2D digital designs in Adobe Illustrator and learn how to adapt these designs for different makerspace tools. Identify the design modifications that control the functional outputs of the laser cutter. Experiment with how the … Read more

Break the Mold: Connections Between 3D Printing and Vacuum Forming

Carmichael Makerspace

Develop your 3D digital design skills and create vacuum-formed molds (not sure what vacuum forming is? Check out this video!) In this hands-on design and fabrication workshop, create 3D models in TinkerCAD and remotely print them. Then, use the vacuum … Read more

Putting It Together: Selecting and Using Fasteners and Adhesives

Murray Makerspace

In this workshop, we will explore the worlds of fasteners and adhesives. There are thousands of choices out there, each with their own unique, and sometimes obscure, nomenclature. We will use hands-on examples to learn how various fasteners work, how … Read more