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COoperative eMerging Partnership for Assessment Support and Success of the 3Cs

Team Members:

  • Dr. Nicole Ralston, University of Portland
  • Dr. Heather Dillon, University of Washington – Tacoma
  • Dr. Deb Grzybowski, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Mike Rust, Western New England University
  • Tim Doughty, University of Portland
UNC-Chapel Hill Team
  • Dr. Viji Sathy (PI), UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Dr. Abigail Panter, Dean, Senior Associate Dean & Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Bryant Hutson, University Director of Assessment
  • Dr. Kelly Hogan, Associate Dean of Instructional Innovation and Biology Teaching Professor
  • Ms. Megan Morin, UNC-Chapel Hill


  • Identify, map, and organize established EM assessment tools and resources with peer review and expert engagement into a vetted framework.
  • Develop new and improve existing established EM student assessment and faculty observation tools as needed to improve EM comprehension and classroom practices.
  • Construct a roadmap of assessment tools (flow charts, protocols, taxonomies, etc.) that can be easily navigated for faculty and staff with both different assessment experience and varying levels of resources.
  • Create different pathways of online Thinkific modules to support both faculty (pathway #1) and institutions (pathway #2) in assessment of EM, including protocol development, roadmap navigation, assessment tool usage, and building partnerships with other KEEN institutions
  • Launch the two Thinkific module pathways and evaluate their capacity to coach institutions on the established EM tools and help these institutions to create individualized assessment plans.


Phase 1: Lay of the Land (May 2021 – Jan 2022)

  • Understanding the lay of the land” through review of all assessment materials
  • Interview 15-20 KEEN Network partner interviews
  • Survey employers and conduct focus groups

Phase 2: Collate Information (Jan 2022 – June 2023)

  • Collate information from Phase 1
  • Engaging a computer expert to identify a tool for the Engineering Unleashed community
  • Assessment dataset with attributes and tags

Phase 3: Module Development (June 2022 – Dec 2023)

  • Create approx. 10 short instructional videos Thinkific modules to orient people to the modules, protocols, and documents that are online
  • Two pathways of modules: institutional assessment methods and tools for classroom assessment methods

Phase 4: Pilot (July 2023 – April 2025)

  • Pilot plans and protocols to reiterative and revise tools.


  1. An online roadmap embedded in the Engineering Unleashed website that provides users access to and information about the quality of assessment protocols, procedures, tools, etc. that is searchable and easily navigable.
  2. Two pathways of sustainable Thinkific products that will endure beyond the funding of this project, including instruction about the curated lists of valid and reliable tools, protocols and flow charts, and video clips/vignettes.
  3. Increased engagement with assessment by the Engineering Unleashed community through utilizing the online roadmap and Thinkific pathways, as measured by the number of users, with a target of at least 100 unique faculty per year interacting with the materials. In addition, during Phase 4, module users will be asked to complete a feedback form which will ask them to rate the value of the module; how helpful did they find the information produced?
  4. A final narrative report describing the extent to which the outcomes were achieved.


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