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Meet our Current Students

Meet some of our first-year students. This page will be continually updated with student bios as we receive them.

Kameryn Hinton joined the Ronit Freeman Research Group in August 2020 where she is engaging in various biomaterials projects ranging from peptide self-assemblies to using supramolecular assembly of mucins for drug-delivery applications.Kameryn was drawn to the opportunities for collaborative research in the Applied Physical Sciences Ph.D. program in Materials Science. Kameryn explains, “I like the idea of using information from various fields to solve complex problems. For example, I was able to serve as a teaching assistant for the Carolina Away Program, where we invited different speakers to discuss their approach towards solving different crises related to COVID-19.”

In her free time, Kameryn enjoys singing, listening to different genres of music (from neo-soul to bossa nova), drawing, and trying local restaurants in her community. When asked about reasons beyond science that drew her to UNC-Chapel Hill, Kameryn adds, “I felt a strong sense of community the moment I stepped foot on campus.”

Connor Slamowitz is a Virginia Tech graduate with a degree in Nanoscience and a minor in International Business. Connor joined the Scott Warren research group in August 2020 to study electrode materials for next generation batteries.Connor was drawn to the Applied Physical Sciences PhD program in Materials Science because of the focus on research supporting a future of sustainability and innovation. Connor explains, “I love learning new tools such as quantum computing, data science, analytical chemistry, and business strategy to help solve interesting and interdisciplinary problems.”

Connor is excited to contribute to the APS Materials Science doctoral program to lay the foundation for future scientists and engineers. In his free time, Connor stays active – catching up on tech and science news, as well as playing volleyball, surfing, and jogging! When asked about reasons beyond exciting science that drew Connor to UNC-Chapel Hill, Connor adds, “Who wouldn’t want to be a Tar Heel?”