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Functions from Peptide-DNA Materials

November 30, 2020

New Functions Emerging from Peptide–DNA Materials Chapter 14 of Peptide-Based Biomaterials Margaret L. Daly, Stephen J. Klawa and Ronit Freeman   A new class of hybrid biomaterials has recently evolved from the combination of peptides and DNA. In this chapter, … Continued

Flexible X-ray Detectors

September 28, 2020

Abstract The soft nature of metal halide perovskites makes them potentially applicable as flexible X-ray detectors. Here we report a structure of perovskite-filled membranes (PFMs) for highly sensitive, flexible and large-area X-ray detectors. PFMs with areas up to 400 cm2 are formed … Continued

DeepCGH: Computer Generated Holography with Deep Learning

August 31, 2020

DeepCGH: Computer Generated Holography with Deep Learning Research at the Pégard lab aims to develop advanced instruments that monitor and manipulate living tissue with light. The team recently developed DeepCGH, a new deep learning algorithm that computes holograms both significantly … Continued

Irreversible Shear-Activated Gelation of a Liquid Crystalline…

July 27, 2020

Abstract We report irreversible, shear-activated gelation in liquid crystalline solutions of a rigid polyelectrolyte that forms rodlike assemblies (rods) in salt-free solution. At rest, the liquid crystalline solutions are kinetically stable against gelation and exhibit low viscosities. Under steady shear … Continued

Perovskite Solar Cells: Synergistic Cascade Carrier Extraction

July 27, 2020

Judicious incorporation of ambiopolar black phosphorene with tailored thickness to concurrently impart electron and hole extractions in perovskite solar cells is reported by Jinsong Huang, Zhiqun Lin, and co‐workers in article number 2000999. This work underpins the potential implementation of … Continued