New Graduate Student Information

Welcome to the Department of Applied Physical Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill! As you are preparing to start your graduate program with us, we hope that the resources and information gathered here will make your transition easier. Always feel free to contact our Student Services you have any questions.

Registration Information

First semester students are allowed to enroll for courses prior to attending orientation. Your schedule will be reviewed by the advisor assigned to you during orientation and changes may be required/suggested. There will be a time during orientation for students to meet with their advisors and/or the DGS. Students have through the first week of class to make changes to their schedule.

How to Register:

Course registration is done through ConnectCarolina using your onyen and your onyen password. The average course load for a first year graduate student is three, 3, courses or nine, 9, credit hours. Registration for Fall 2017 is now open.

Registration Tips:

The course prefix for Applied Physical Sciences courses is MTSC

Graduate level courses are numbered 700 and above.

Most special topics courses, 790, should be three hours unless otherwise noted. Should the system default to 1.0 hour, you can manually edit this during the enrollment process.

Registration Guide by the Office of the University Registrar

Tuition and Fees

How to Pay Tuition and Fees

Enrolling Instructions:

Registration Quick Tips

Registration Video Tutorial

The Graduate School admitted student information

NOTE: Students who did not register before July 22nd, 2017, must pre-pay or provide proof of financial aid prior to registering.

Academic Advisor Hold

First year graduate students have an advisor hold on their registration. In order for this to be removed, you must speak with your assigned CS academic advisor regarding your initial program of student along with the courses you wish to take during the term. Once that has been done, your advisor can email Student Services, requesting the hold be removed. Once they hear directly from the advisor, your hold will be removed, and you will be able to register if no other holds are on your account. Meetings between you and your advisor can be done in person, over the phone, or electronically.

NOTE: If you wish to enroll earlier, and before the pre-pay period, email Student Services.


Admitted with Support

Those of you admitted with a guarantee of support should plan on attending the research fair. Also be pro-active before this event, in reaching out to faculty members regarding an RA position for the Fall and Spring semester.

Admitted without Support

If you were admitted without a guarantee of support, you should plan on paying for all costs associated with attending UNC-CH. The chances of getting support are difficult to predict and you should not count on it. Information on the cost of attending UNC-CH can be found here.

If you are assigned a position, you will be reimbursed for your in-state tuition and will have the opportunity to enroll in the RA/TA, GSHIP, health insurance program. See information on Tuition Remission, out-of-state portion of your tuition bill.

Types of Tuition Support

Tuition Remission
A tuition remission reduces your tuition to the in-state rate. For out-of-state students only.

In-State Tuition Award
An in-state tuition award provides full support for the cost of in-state tuition. This benefit includes tuition only, not student fees.

Tuition Support for In-State and Out-of-State Students
Tuition support varies based on in-state or out-of-state residency status.

Out-of-State Students
Out-of-state students may receive both a tuition remission award as well as an in-state tuition award. These two funding sources, used in combination, provide full tuition support.

Out-of-state students must receive a tuition remission to be eligible for an in-state tuition award.

In-State Students
In-state students may receive an in-state tuition award.

See Graduate Student Handbook for additional information.

Eligibility for Tuition Support


To be eligible for an in-state tuition award or tuition remission:

Enrollment Requirements

You must be a full-time, on-campus, degree-seeking doctoral or master’s/doctoral sequence students. You may also be eligible if you are a student in a terminal master’s program.

You must be enrolled full-time for the entire semester to be eligible for tuition support.

A full-time student is one who is matriculated and for each term:

Registers for 9 or more graduate credit hours in a fall or spring term


Registers for a minimum of 3 hours of thesis substitute, 992, thesis, 993, or dissertation, 994, in a fall, spring, or summer term. A student may register for additional courses as needed, but if registering for less than 9 hours, this must include a minimum of 3 hours of 992/993/994 to be considered full-time


Registers for fewer than 9 graduate credit hours in a fall, spring, or summer term, exclusive of 992/993/994, and has been granted a "waiver of hours" for that term.

There is no minimum credit-hour requirement during the summer sessions. Neither tuition remission nor in-state tuition awards are available for summer enrollment.

Assistantship Requirements

In order to be eligible for instate and tuition remission awards, a student must meet certain eligibility requirements, including earning a minimum stipend for work performed with an appropriate job code.You must hold the assistantship for the entire semester.